Monday, May 16, 2016

The three reasons- the giver 500 word essay

Magnus Stewart

What makes the movie more interesting than the book is the relationships with everyone.
For example the whole relationship with the Giver and Jonas and how Jonas does not visit as often this is better because you get to know more about Jonas than in the book and you get to learn about not just the conflict between him and the community but his “ Love “ for others.
Now the relationship between Jonas and Fiona and this is a very important relationship because it is very different from the book and even though the book states that Jonas likes Fiona the movie makes it a little more intense and this makes it better because it definitely makes it more interesting to see romance.
And finally the relationship between Jonas and his family, now this relationship is not much different from the book because in both versions the parents are pretty stale and also both include Jonas asking if his “ Parents “ love him in which they reply “ Do we enjoy you? The answer is yes, do we take pride in your accomplishments the answer is still yes. “  and as you can see they both mean the same thing.
What makes the movie more interesting than the book is the action that is included.
One of the biggest things that makes the movie better than the book is the drama and some action, like how in the movie Jonas has to escape with gabriel but instead of taking a bike he takes a motorcycle and the guards of the community are chasing him while he’s doing it and also how while he was on the motorcycle he went off the cliff with the baby.
Another thing is that when asher finds him after he escapes in some mountain near the triangle of rocks and how he has this conversation with Jonas, and Jonas convinces him to let him go and he ends up dropping Jonas into a river with gabriel ( the baby ). A great reason why this version is better is because of how Jonas punches asher causing him to black out so that Jonas can escape. Also what about the time where he goes off the cliff with the motorcycle when he was escaping that was pretty dramatic. There's also another part which makes the movie also dramatic and at the same time suspenseful and that is when Jonas is on the sled and fiona is about to be released and it’s like a race against time but when he finally crosses the barrier everything goes back to color.
Even though it’s still a movie it’s what makes it better so the visualization makes it key.
There are certain parts in the movie where it shows instead of tells about how people feel. And like it says in the title
visualization makes it key so it’s just easier to see rather than have someone tell you how someone feels, also it’s better in a way that when you’re seeing the memories it’s like you're there with Jonas.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back and back and back The landscape of memory 1-1-1

 The story is about how  people can remember something very specific for very long ago or pretty much just have a good memory this story tells about how people can remember, very specific details.
 I was surprised how in the book they said that someone can remember a whole book very clearly like an image in their mind.
  One laying in there remember when they were a baby?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The pedestrian in the forecast 1-1-1

The pedestrian. Is the year 2052, Mr Leonard mean is a humble guy who has been going for walks for 50 years,  there's only one police car in the whole town and after 50 years it finally catches him walking at night, so they ask him to get in the car and take him to the loony bin because everyone else In the whole city is watching TV while he's walking.
 I was surprised that they would take him to the loony bin for just walking.
What would happen if it was the same year and everyone didn't have TVs and mr mead only had a TV?
 The forecast. This poem is about how if everyone were  to just stay inside and be safe and have only one person tell us about what's going on outside.
I wasn't surprised because I could see if this actually happening sometime in the future.
 Why would this happen though besides the fact that  maybe the government would be trying to keep us safe?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Somewhere far far away the giver 1-1-1 chapter 23

Jonas and Gabriel encounter snow and Jonas can't pedal anymore because the snow is impeding him,
They walk to a hill and climb up it to the top and slide down it and as they are sliding Jonas sees lights of all different colors.
I was suprised that they would find another community or maybe not even a community.
Is there life in the place that they are seeing?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The long road ahead the giver 1-1-1 chapter 22

Jonas and Gabriel have just ran out of food and they are getting hungry and tired, also Jonas fell off his bike and it started raining.
I felt bad for Jonas and Gabriel to have to go through this.
But would he be used to this kind of stuff since the giver gave him memories of it?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Runaways the giver 1-1-1 chapter 21

Jonas has escaped the community with food and his little brother Gabriel and the search planes are trying to find them.
I was suprised that he took his little brother.
Why did he take his little brother.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The sweet escape the giver 1-1-1 chapter 20

The giver and Jonas plan to have Jonas escape the community, also we find out that the giver had a daughter and her name was Rosemary.
I was very suprised with this sudden change.
Where else would Jonas go besides the community when he escapes?